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The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) processed the 1000th batch of wastewater on 1st August 2016. WEB Bonaire has consequently achieved a production of more than 276050 cubic meters of treated wastewater since its launch in early 2015. Irrigation water is now being distributed daily.

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Safe irrigation water

The irrigation water is delivered by truck on weekdays from 07:00 till 19:00 and Saturday morning to 16 farmers. They have now received a total of 20900 cubic meters of water. The quality of irrigation water meets the standards set by the Public Entity Bonaire. The quality is even higher than the requirements imposed by the Netherlands for purified wastewater that gets disposed on surface water. Bonaire has access to safe and high-quality irrigation water for agriculture and landscaping.

More Production

The purification of wastewater at the WWTP on the Kaminda Lagun was launched early 2015. On 17th August, 2015, after more than 5 months, the 300th batch was reached. Now, a year later the 1000th batch has been reached. The increase of 700 batches within a year was made possible by great efforts of the WEB employees in the business unit Waste Water, and the quality of irrigation water. Quality is the decisive factor in production.

XpBonaire, Bonaire, News, Information, WEB, Waste water


The Public EntityBonaire and WEB are currently preparing for the 10th EDF (European Development Fund) of the sewerage project Kloaka, in which parts of Hato and Belnem will be connected. This will increase the amount of wastewater this means that more irrigation water available.

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