Late return of "attestation de vita” will result in stopping of AOV-payment for beneficiaries

The Social Affairs and Employment Unit (RCN / SWZ) will suspend the BES General Retirement Insurance (AOV) of whom is not known whether they are still alive.

People who are entitled to AOV, living outside the Caribbean Netherlands, have to submit a proof of being alive (attestation de vita) twice a year, between November 1st and December 15th and May 1st and June 15th . The proof must be returned with a return date in accordance with this data. If the owner does not do so the AOV payment will be stopped.

Submitting the Attestation de vita

If the AOV payment has been stopped, this can still be corrected by submitting the proof of life by mail to: or by mail at: Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland, unit SZW, Centrumgebied Kralendijk z/n P.O. Box 357 Bonaire. It is possible to reclaim the AOV for up to two years by submitting the proof of life. The Social Affairs and Employment Unit will soon inform the beneficiaries by letter about this arrangement and also explain how objections can be made.

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