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Kaya Sorobon 4 
Open Daily 10.00am - 5.00 pm

Phone: + 599 701 65 00

THE BEACH HUT @sorobon                                                     lunch  |  international


The Beach Hut is a great hang out at Sorobon, Lac Bay. With your feet in the sand, enjoy some high quality food and the extremely friendly staff.





Caesar salad $16

with Parmesan cheese Caesar dressing and chicken or fresh local fish with shrimp $19.50


Greek salad $15

with olives tomato peppers cucumber olives oil and feta cheese


Smoked salmon salad $17 with smoked salmon lemon dressing capers and lemon wedge


Goat cheese salad $15

with goat cheese and honey mustard dressing


Tuna salad $14

with tuna salad capers and a lemon wedge


Green side salad $8.50

with cucumber tomato red onions and peppers


Main dishes


Chicken sauté $15

a popular Indonesian speciality large chicken skewers with spicy peanut sauce


Grilled fish creole $16

fresh locally caught fish fillet


Fish and chips $15

a popular English tradition deep-fried fish fillet with fries and sauce


Chicken quesadilla $10.50

flower tortilla with chicken cheese sour cream and Caribbean salad


Baka  stoba $16

traditional local beef stew


Chili sin carne $12.50 vegetarian chili


Coconuts vegan $12.50

cauliflower broccoli carrots green beans corn coconut milk curry garlic pepper sauce


Spinach pasta $10

spinach and cream sauce






Smoked salmon sandwich $14.50

smoked salmon cream cheese Romain lettuce cucumber capers


Tuna sandwich $9.50

fresh tuna salad cucumber green peppers chili sauce


BLT sandwich $12.50

Romain lettuce tomato roasted chicken bacon and honey mustard dressing


Beef carpaccio sandwich $12.50

Romain lettuce truffle mayonnaise capers

Parmesan cheese


Panini caprese $8.-mozzarella cheese tomato pesto


Italian Panini $10.50 mozzarella cheese pepperoni roasted ham chicken tomato


Hot and spicy beef Panini $9.50

spicy ground beef tomato red onion


Spicy chicken Panini $9.50 spicy chicken cheese sweet chili sauce


Beach Hut classic burger $7.50

lettuce roasted onions and tomato


Cheeseburger $8.50

as the classic burger with cheese


Bacon beach burger $14.50

as the classic burger with bacon and cheese


Beach Hut  grandi burger $16

onions bacon cheese fried egg lettuce tomato


Fish burger $14.50

grilled fresh local fish seaweed salad lettuce cucumber and red onion


From the deep fryer


Chicken fingers



fresh fish nuggets

hot wings


spring rolls


Events & Specials 
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