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Approach of contraband within JICN

In the media, these last few days, attention has been paid to the finding of contraband in the form of a number of phones and drugs. Trying to bring contraband into the JICN institute (Judicial Institution of the Caribbean Netherlands) has traditionally and despite many efforts, continued to be a sort of detainees search for trying to get items in to the prison.

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Our work has a large number of security procedures for both the building, the detainees and the staff and these procedures are strictly followed. There is continuous attention to safety, security control and regular checks (also on staff), all in order to keep the institution as safe as possible.

Despite our intensive efforts, a number of contrabands has recently entered. Still, contraband is thrown over the wall from places where one it is unseen. Often these are heavy packages with a number of phones and drugs and then the numbers go up. Measures have been taken in the past by placing a second net. Sabotage of a cell container revealed that detainees were still able to be in possession of packages, which has been solved. Access control was already sharper for visitors but also for employees. Each action taken is aimed to keep the environment as safe as possible for both the detainees and employees. Sometimes it’s visible but other times it’s not. We keep such information internally in order to conduct investigations and ensure security. We as institute will not seek for publicity about this.

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