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40 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard
Open Daily 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm

For Reservations Call +599 717 8285

Chibi Chibi@Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino 

The Chibi Chibi Restaurant and bar is a colorful, romantic  spot . open daily for dinner, Chibi Chibi serves both traditional continental cuisine as well as fresh local seafood. Guests dining at the Chibi Chibi are entertained by a multitude of tropical fish in the surf just below the restaurant.




|  Soup of the Day $6.50
Ask your server about today’s freshly made soup.
|  Gazpacho $6.75
Chilled tomato, cucumber, peppers and olive oil.


|  Garden Salad $7.25 small $10.25 large
Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, croutons and olives with a choice of dressing.
Dressings: Red wine vinaigrette, honey lime dressing, oil and vinegar, blue cheese.
|  Caesar Salad $8.25 small $11.25 large

Romaine lettuce with fresh parmesan cheese, bacon bits, anchovies, garlic croutons and a creamy Caesar dressing.


|  Portobello $11.00
Portobello mushroom stuffed with Gouda cheese, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes served with vegetables and an arugula salad.
|  Local Ceviche $12.50
Fresh fish pickled with onion, cilantro, lemon and lime.
|  Beef Carpaccio $12.50
Seared beef tenderloin served with Mediterranean herbs, Parmesan, mushrooms and an arugula salad.
|  Goat Cheese Salad $12.50
Fresh goat cheese, green salad with mango, honey lime dressing, toasted nuts and fresh pears.
|  Fritto Misto $13.50
Crispy fried calamari, shrimps and vegetables served with a spicy chili lime dip.
|  Tuna Tartare $14.50
Fresh tuna, guacamole, and tropical fruit salad served with a passion fruit dressing.


|  Catch of the Day $24.50
Fresh local fish fillet, Caribbean rice & beans, saute ed vegetables, garlic, herb and tomato sauce. Preparation may vary based on the catch.
|  Tuna $24.50
Seared tuna loin in a sesame & smoked paprika crust served with crisp plantains, pickled ginger and a sweet bell pepper sauce.
|  Grilled Shrimp $26.50
Grilled jumbo shrimps served with a local cornmeal polenta, cherry tomato & cucumber salad and a mango relish.
|  Chicken Saltimbocca $23.50
Chicken breast fillet prepared with fresh sage, Parma ham and a Marsala wine sauce served with rice or seasoned potato wedges.
|  BBQ Ribs $21.50
Half rack of delicious finger licking ribs, served with garlic mashed potatoes and saute ed vegetables.
|  Churrasco $27.50
USDA Choice tenderloin wrapped in bacon with chimichurri, saute ed vegetables and seasoned potato wedges.


|  8 oz. Primetime Burger $14.50
All beef signature burger with melted cheese, caramelized onions, saute ed mushrooms served with seasoned potato wedges. Add Bacon - $1.00
|  Margarita Quesadilla $16.50
Flour tortilla quesadilla with saute ed vegetables, grilled chicken marinated in lime juice & tequila and cheese. Served with sour cream, salsa, and a side Margarita shot.
|  Veggie Quesadilla - $12.00
Flour tortilla quesadilla with saute ed vegetables and cheese. Served with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole.


|  Seafood Pescadores $24.50
Spaghetti served with shrimps, calamari, mussels, clams, scallops, and fresh local fish served with your choice of creamy alfredo or roasted tomato sauce.
|  Spinach & Cheese Cannelloni $16.50
Spinach and ricotta cheese stuffed tube shaped pasta served with a white and tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, and mixed vegetables.
|  Beef Ragu Cannelloni $19.50
Italian style beef Bolognese stuffed tube shaped pasta served with tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, and mixed vegetables.

Additional Side Orders $3.50 each
Choices: Plantains, rice & beans, rice, mashed potato, polenta, seasoned potato wedges, French fries, mixed vegetables.


|  NY Cheesecake - $7.50

Traditional baked cheese cake served with your choice of dark Belgium chocolate or berry sauce.
|  Chocolate Cake - $8.50

Homemade dark chocolate and almond powder cake served with vanilla ice cream.
$3.50 to add a chocolatey Bailey’s shot to your cake.
|  Pavlova - $7.50

French meringue nest with Chantilly whipped cream and a tropical fresh fruit salad.
|  Tiramisu - $8.50

Layered Mascarpone cheese cream with a dash of Amaretto liqueur and lady fingers drenched in coffee & crunchy dark Belgium chocolate.
|  Key Lime Pie - $7.50

Original key lime pie served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
|  Ice Cream $6.00

Ask your server for today’s flavors. Served with the option of chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry.
|  Ice Coffee $5.50

Coffee and ice cream blended into a sweet and refreshing coffee drink topped with chocolate and whipped cream.
Add a shot of liqueur for $3.50 (Amaretto, Bailey’s, Kahlua, Grand Marnier)

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