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ZVK brings Bonaire waiting list for MRI scans back to 0 in 4 weeks

Press Release RCN

Kralendijk - The BES Health Insurance Office (ZVK) has eliminated the waiting list for MRI scans for Bonaire patients in 4 weeks. There were 120 insured persons on the list, which was caused by the scanner on Aruba being out of service. For an emergency solution the ZVK went to the Clínica Iberoamérica in Baranquilla, Colombia.

At the beginning of June the waiting list for MRI scans on Bonaire grew to 120 insured persons. A trial for medical referral for MRI scans to the Clínica Iberoamérica was positively evaluated. Subsequently, the backlog could be made up by 1 to 2 flights per week as of the third week of June.

30 hours including comfortable hotel

Insured persons respond positively and experience this option as being well cared for, safe and comfortable. The entire trip for an MRI scan takes approximately 30 hours (departure 9:00 am, return 2:30 pm the following afternoon). The patients spend the night in a hotel next to the Clínica Iberoamérica.

For the flights, the ZVK charters an aircraft from Sarpa for 20 to 22 passengers. The flight takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Sarpa has a nurse on board and a ZVK employee flies travels along for practical guidance.

The MRI scans start immediately after the check-in at the hotel. Insured persons are accompanied to and from the clinic. They can wait in their room or in the hotel lobby. TV and free Wi-Fi are available and lunch, dinner and breakfast are provided.

Consolidate quality, reduce costs

In 2019 ZVK has the task of critically reviewing costs, but maintaining and, where possible, improving the quality of care. The solution now found for the MRI scans for Bonairean insured persons is of good quality and can even be realized at lower costs than before. The ZVK is pleased with this.

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