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Youth Professionals Day 2018 on Bonaire

Press Release Jeugdzorg en Gezinsvoogdij

Youth Care and Family Guardianship Caribbean Netherlands (JGCN) organized a successful Youth Professionals Day on Friday, September 14th with youth professionals from various organizations, active in the youth assistance chain.

After a successful kick-off on the windward islands, the Youth Professional Day was celebrated on Bonaire, as well as in the Netherlands. On the initiative of an employee, JGCN, together with chain partners, the focus this year was on the youth care professionals.

Just like in the Netherlands, the theme of the day was 'Local Cooperation', where the identity and positioning of youth professionals was the main subject. But above all mutual collaborations was discussed. Stakeholders such as the Guardianship Council, the Society and Care Directorate, Mental Health Caribbean (MHC), the Safety House, the Jong Bonaire Foundation, the Rosa di Sharon Foundation, the Youth & Family Center (CJG), the Expertise Education Care (EOZ) and schools were, among others, present. Together with JGCN they have focused on developments for the benefit of the children and families on Bonaire such as professionalism, involvement and accessibility.

During the lecture "Positioning and Engaging", the personal and professional collaborate in the improvement of the service given by the youth professionals.

In connection with the workshops organized on the Windward Islands, a workshop was also held on Bonaire. This workshop focused on the role that every organization plays in the youth assistance chain.

The aim of the workshop was to show the best possible assistance. Here the focus was set on local cooperation, and the youth. For the workshop, an allocation model, designed by a participant in the Talent Development Program (TOP), was used. With the allocation model as base, the roles, involvement and commitment of the youth professionals became clearer and led to stronger mutual understanding and cooperation.

The results of the workshops will be used to reach better cooperation where the interests of the child come first. In this way JGCN strives to realize the best possible youth care for children on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

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