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Your Last Wish is Their First Concern - Onderlingehulp

The end of life is a sensitive topic and undoubtedly something most of us don’t want to confront. Yet it remains something we all need to think about, no matter what our age or circumstances. Navimar Statia, who many of us know as a warm, positive, calm and fun person who is always ready to lend you an ear, deals with this topic on a daily basis as the manager of Onderlingehulp Bonaire for already 9 years.

Navimar Statia

Navimar, a proud Bonairean, is a typical “Island Girl”. She speaks multiple languages fluently; is comfortable with the many cultural differences; knows our small community; has friends of many nationalities and loves the beaches, the ocean and being on the water - all that makes Bonaire colorful and exciting. After finishing school, Navimar moved to the European Netherlands to further her education. On February, 2013 Navimar was selected as the manager of Onderlingehulp Bonaire. Navimar, a compassionate understanding person takes her time to explain why it is important to have funeral insurance, listens to your personal wishes and gives you honest advice.

Onderlingehulp Bonaire

Giving your family and friends a chance to say their final goodbyes, celebrate and remember you in a way that you decide and without leaving them behind with a financial burden and concerns is something important to think about.

Largest insurer on the islands

Onderlingehulp is the largest funeral insurer and the most financially solid funeral insurance company on Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Onderlingehulp is also fully licensed by all central banks. 30,000 people have already become members of the large Onderlingehulp family.

Fixed low premium at your own choice

Your premium is determined when you take out the insurance. The amount of the premium depends on your age, your health, the amount of the insured capital and the premium payment period you have chosen. The conditions of Onderlingehulp are clear and attractive. No later adjustments or surprises, all is decided by you.

Covers your funeral abroad and worldwide at no extra costs

In case you die during a holiday abroad, Onderlingehulp will reimburse at a maximum of 1000 usd additional expenses on top of the insured capital to pay for repatriation costs with free choice of the funeral company. If you live abroad and want to be buried there, your funeral insurance of Onderlingehulp can be used.

Full benefits in the first year

You never know… in case of an accident in the 1st year, you will still collect full benefits.

Free Co-insurance for Children

Children up to age 18 of Onderlingehulp insured parents are co-insured free of charge. You just need to register them and once your policy goes into effect, they are insured. You don't pay anything extra.

Everyone is accepted

The younger you start, the cheaper the premiums, but it is never too late and even people with chronic illness will be accepted.

Upgrade always possible

If you already have an insurance policy with Onderlingehulp, or it has now become non-contributory, you can still increase the insured capital to ensure the funeral you wish for.


T - (+599 717) 5291

App- (+599 7827404)

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