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The Döner Station HATO

Feature Story Island Life Xp Bonaire

In November, 2014, Bonaire was gifted a new and urgently needed addition to the food landscape - a Döner Kebab shop. Located on Kaya Industria near the biggest supermarkets on the island, The Fresh Market is the perfect location to pick up a quick meal.

Döner Kebab is a Turkish kebab made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The outer layer is sliced vertically into thin shavings as it cooks and it is often times served in bread with a garlic sauce and fresh greens. For Europeans it is one of their favorite quick meals and it is well known by most as a midnight snack when going out. It has become one of the most well-known, fast food comfort foods.

The Fresh Market

When The Fresh Market first opened, the idea was to sell home grown vegetables and bring more healthy food options to the island and also offer Döner Kebab and Rotisserie Chicken as a quick and affordable meal. It was and still is important to serve high quality produce at an honest price while offering quick and friendly service.

The fast service and the affordable meal options quickly made The Fresh Market one of the favorites during lunchtime. The high quality meat used for the juicy Döner and the rotisserie chicken makes all the difference and is the reason why The Fresh Market has become the “go to” place for many at least once a week.

The Owners

The owners, Stephanie Booi and Said el Kaich, believed in their concept, but were still surprised by the high demand their product had right from the start. Serving so many people and still staying true to their concept of high quality food and fast service became a challenge.

New to the island, the couple had to overcome many obstacles and experienced some setbacks. Stephanie, who was born on Bonaire, knew about the island, its culture and mentality. For Said, who had never been on Bonaire before, everything was new. Fresh from city life, it took him some time to adjust. In the beginning, what was most difficult was the difference in their work mentality. Both of them find it important to work as a team with everyone equally important and shown the same respect without any hierarchy.

Different parts of the business had to undergo adjustments. Fresh vegetables were dear to their hearts and they wanted to offer organic vegetables. But circumstances on the island are too difficult to accomplish this goal in a commercial way, so they had to let that part go and not compromise on the island’s favorites - Döner & Rotisserie Chicken.

NEW !!!! The Döner Station HATO

To ensure consistent quality and serve the high demand, Said and Stephanie started looking for an additional location to take pressure off the existing station. After waiting a long time for their downtown location which kept being delayed, they decided on another option and in December, 2017, opened their newest addition - Döner Station HATO.

Döner Station HATO is perfectly situated at the HATO Roundabout next to Zen’s Bar and close to the DA drugstore. With the new Döner Station at HATO, you now have the opportunity to get your favorite savory treat 7 days a week. With a terrace, tables, chairs and a Turkish atmosphere, you can now enjoy your meal freshly prepared on location with the same quality service, speed and affordable price now in a comfortable and friendly setting. The Döner Station in HATO and The Fresh Market serve the same items with some small differences. The Fresh Market will remain the location where you can buy a whole Rotisserie chicken and the Döner Station HATO will offer their homemade falafels as a vegetarian option.

In the near future, Said and Stephanie will work on renovations at The Fresh Market. Their experiences over the last years have shown them the improvements needed to optimize the work flow even more.

For the Döner Station at HATO, they are working on some additional Mediterranean specialties they might offer in the future. But for now, they will take their time in selecting the new items without compromising quality, affordable price and fast service, the most important pillars of their success so far.

Said’s and Stephanie’s vision is to never lower their quality and be consistent. Their only options are improvements.

Check out our favorites

Döner Bread (US $ 7.50)

Chicken Döner, served in pita bread with a homemade garlic sauce and fresh salad with optional homemade hot sauce

Döner Turkish Pizza (US $9)

Turkish spiced pizza topped with fresh salad, chicken Döner meat and fresh salad rolled into a wrap

Rotisserie Chicken (US $12 whole chicken)

You have to be quick to get your hands on the juicy, deliciously marinated, grilled chicken. The rotisserie chicken is only grilled early in the morning and is in high demand.


The Fresh Market

Kaya industria

Mo - Zat 11am to 4pm

Sunday - closed

Phone: +599 7828106

Döner Station HATO

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 10pm

Sunday - 12pm – 8pm

Monday - closed

+599 7874100

Delivery service: Dinner in a Box

check out the menu here >

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