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Nobody should get sick from work

Press Release RCN

On July 1st, 2019 The Occupational Safety Decree IV Caribbean Netherlands (‘Arbeidsveiligheidsbesluit IV Caribisch Nederland’) entered into force. This decree sets rules for work in the diving sector, working with asbestos and physical strain. This is in the interest of healthy and safe working conditions in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Everyone should be able to work motivated, vital and productive until retirement. The decree offers employers and employees plenty of room to give substance to working healthily and safely. How the rules must be complied with is up to the sectors themselves. With the help of Arbo specialists, the diving industry, construction and the hospitality industry will soon further develop measures themselves and record them in an Arbo catalog. For companies that work with asbestos removal, a course will be composed later this year to ensure that they can perform their work healthily and safely.

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