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NEW - At Boegaloe

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

On September 10th, a new shop opened its doors. At Boegaloe, an interior and furniture store, is situated right in the center of Kaya Grandi, the main shopping street in Kralendijk. At Boegaloe offers hip, trendy, high quality furniture and accessories at a competitive price for your interior or outdoor living space.

At Boegaloe is a family run business - Fiona, Gertjan, Robbin, Emieck and last, but not least, Mikki. Many of you might be familiar with this tightknit family who have been managing Jibe City, the windsurf school, for 15 years.

15 years Jibe City

More than 15 years ago, Fiona and Gertjan moved to Bonaire with their children, Robbin and Mikki, aged 10 and 4. The family had come on vacation before and fell in love with the island and especially Jibe City. The windsurfers, foremost the local windsurf community, embraced them with open arms and made them feel a part of the island which made the transition from the Netherlands so much easier for all of the family. Robbin, who had to transition at age 10, had a hard time at first, but now could never imagine leaving the island or her family.

While Gertjan, a windsurfer himself, worked at Jibe City, Fiona started with a hair salon, but quickly decided that her past profession was no longer for her. With her good friend, Joep, Fiona successfully ran Teak Outlet, imported furniture from Indonesia sold at low prices. A little later, Fiona and Gertjan were asked to manage the windsurf school at Jibe City. There was no doubt and both of them, later including the whole family, ran Jibe City with great love and compassion for 15 years.

Building a Future Together

When Jibe City was sold, the family decided it was time to build their own business together.

Passionate about furniture and interior design in general, the family wanted to bring new style to island homes at an affordable price, possible for most people on the island to afford and not just a selected few.

Robbin, the Manager of At Boagaloe and her life partner, Emieck, whose business, True Media & Culture photography & videography, is housed at the furniture store, are the new generation of entrepreneur power couples to watch.

At Boegaloe – The Store

At Boegaloe has a cozy showroom with the newest trends and styles in furniture and accessories. With many years of island experience, they know what is in demand, what is missing and what needs more variety on Bonaire. While trying to bring new trends to the island that are affordable, quality is very important.

A container will frequently bring a new assortment of selected pieces and the goal is to surprise you with different things time and time again. When you read this article, the new furniture is about to arrive or is just fresh in the showroom and you are always welcome to have a look.

Robbin and Fiona will welcome you with open arms, no matter if you come to see the furniture or drink a coffee or wine and have a chat.

True Media & Culture

In the showroom you will find breathtaking photography decorating the walls. Those are Emieck’s True Media & Culture pieces of photography that are available for purchase or examples of custom photography or videography requests.

Services you can expect

At Boegaloe offers more than tables and chairs. There are pillows, candles, lights, hammocks, artificial flowers, vases, gifts and much more.

If you are interested in a custom order, it will only take between 5-6 weeks for it to arrive on Bonaire.

Gertjan will deliver the furniture right to your doorstep as part of At Boegaloe’s service. No complicated loading in a busy city center.

Interior advice and house visits are all possible, just pass by and talk to Robbin or Fiona.

Why At Boegaloe?

Maybe you wonder about the store name, I did. Here is the little name giving anecdote. While discussing their future as a family and the new business adventure they planned to embark on, it was the most fitting choice. Gertjan and Fiona would go on short trips to Aruba and always had good memories visiting their favorite place named Bugaloe. Since that time, about 8 years ago, Gertjan calls every family member a Boegaloe name and altogether they are the Boegaloes. Now running a family business, it had to be At Boegaloe, don’t you agree?


At Boegaloe


Shop hours Mo. – Fri. 10 am – 5 pm

Sat. 10 am – 3 pm

Phone: +599 782 7566

Facebook: At Boegaloe

IG: atboegaloe

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