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Makeup Trends 2019

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One thing is for sure this year, you will stand out with the beauty trends of 2019. We all love a metallic look with shiny lip-gloss and golden eye shadow. Or how about colored eyeliner? Are you ready for a good dose of color, glitter and gloss?

# 1 Pink and Rose tones

Yes, just like Barbie. What do we mean by that? Pink and rose colors on the eyes, cheeks and lips. A nice trend, because these shades give your face a nice healthy glow. Don’t worry, pink suits everyone!

# 2 Colored eyeliner

We have seen black eyeliner for a long time, but colored eyeliner? Not so much. Bold? Maybe, but it can be very pretty for a change, especially when you are off to a happy hour where you will sparkle with your blue or pink eyeliner.

# 3 Golden eyeshadow

You will look like a sun goddess with a touch of gold on your eyelids. Combine it with a lot of bronzer on your cheeks and you’re good to go.

Too intense for you? A golden eyeliner is a good alternative.

# 4 Hello Lashes

Do you want your eyes to pop this year? With a few extra layers of mascara, you will be rocking this look. Tired of using mascara every day? Get yourself those tempting eyelash extensions or lash lift for that dramatic but natural look.

# 5 Glossy Lips

The time of matte lips is behind us. This year we prefer radiant, glossy lips instead. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips from time to time to make sure you don’t have any cracks! Try a lip plumping balsam to achieve those luscious lips without the use of needles and finish it off with a sparkly gloss

All of the products you need are available at the DA Drogist! Have FUN!

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