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Landing zone on Klein Bonaire

Press Release STINAPA

STINAPA has installed a landing zone at Klein Bonaire to make a drop off zone for people on No Name Beach at Klein Bonaire.

The landing zone is marked with two white buoys with red letters saying “Landing zone”. You will find them east of No Name Beach approximately 15 meters out at sea as seen from the waterline at the beach. The landing zone is the area that all vessels landing on Klein Boanire should use.

The reason for placing this landing zone is the safety of the people who are swimming or snorkeling at Klein Bonaire. With the designation of the landing zone, everyone can now take into account that vessels (boats, seadoo’s , all sailing vessels, kayaks, etc…) are sailing in and out of that area.

Please keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to tie your boat to one of those landing zone buoys.

The landing zone will soon be marked on the beach as well, by two wooden poles.

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