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Informational session on reimbursement student loans

Press Release RCN

Annually, about 150 students leave Bonaire to continue their studies abroad. It is also possible to study on Bonaire.. Many students take out a student loan for this. There are three possible variants on Bonaire: a WSF-BES loan, a FINEB loan or a DUO loan. It is also possible that a student uses more than one of these loans during his or her study period. This can cause confusion upon reimbursement of the student loan(s).

Saturday, March 7th, RCN Student Financing is organizing a session to provide information about the correct method of repayment and to help with the correct completion of forms. Anyone who has to pay off their student debt or has yet to start doing so, is invited to pass by. They must bring along all information about their loan(s) in order to receive explanation specifically to their situation.

“We often notice that there is a lack of clarity about how the loans are structured and especially if there are multiple loans, how they should be paid off. Many people also do not know that the loan can be partially waived or that there are possibilities if the payment obligation cannot be met. With this meeting we hope to remove all these ambiguities from students and to inform them as well as possible in order to avoid unnecessary backlogs, fines and bailiff costs," says Jefferson Coffie of OCW-CN.

The meeting at which there will be stands with information about WSF-BES, FINEB and DUO will take place on Saturday March 7th between 10AM and 2PM at Jong Bonaire.

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