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Hillside Restaurant & Bar

XpBonaire IslandLife Feature Story

Since July, 2019, Hillside has had a new owner for the restaurant and bar. Frank Fritschij, the new owner, is running the business together with Michael, well known former restaurant manager at It Rains Fishes.

Frank started working in hospitality when he was 14 years old and still studying at school. In-school education was not his strongest field and after an internship, he decided to study hospitality and become a cook. The profession suited him well and at only 23 years of age, he worked his way up to become a chef.

After 10 years of actively working in his profession, his point of view has changed. Where perfection and plating was of the highest importance, now he makes space for simplicity and quality.

When he was planning to leave the Netherlands, his first choice was Australia. But to be sure, he continued searching for work possibilities and came across Bonaire. After some online communications, he and a friend decided to leave for Bonaire.

At first Frank started out at Cuba and later at the restaurant, At Sea, before he came to work at Hillside.

Frank worked at the Hillside location for over a year before he became owner. He has fallen in love with the location and its potential. Now the dynamic duo, Frank and Michael, are expanding and fine tuning the repertoire they offer.

Hillside Restaurant and Bar is located in the neighborhood of Antriol, one of the oldest local neighborhoods on the island. Situated on a hillside, the view during the day is beautiful. The apartments, sunbeds and bar surround the center point of it all, a gigantic pool. The illuminated pool creates a stunning atmosphere at night.

Hillside is open 7 days a week from 7 am – 11 pm. The kitchen closes at 10 pm.

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for an affordable price. For use of the pool and a sunbed, they charge you $5 per person including a soft drink.

At Hillside you have the choice of different special nights along with the regular menu.

American Steak Night

Various steaks such as T- bone, tomahawk and rib eye are prepared fresh on the grill while you sit back and enjoy the live music.

Jazz Night

A night when you can create your own food with a gourmet table. Different meats and fish are served at your table and at a buffet you can choose salads, soups and bread.

Chill and Grill

Every Sunday you can enjoy a day at the pool, even with your entire family. From noon – 5 pm at the outside BBQ they serve you various delicious grill items.

Tuna Night

Tuesday is the famous tuna night at Hillside. You can choose between a tuna three way or a tuna steak. The fresh local catch melts in your mouth.

Latin Dance Explosion

Once a month, on Saturdays, you can dance the night away to the tunes of salsa, merengue or bachata. The Caribbean and Latin tunes fit the location perfectly and a cool drink served at the bar will ease you into a night of fun, even if only an onlooker.

Sport events

Soon sports will receive an upgrade with the installation of a brand new screen at Hillside. Big sporting events are now on a big screen. You can follow and comment on it with your fellow sports fans. The events will be announced on Facebook.

Christmas market

In December, a Christmas market is planned with stalls, live music and lots of people who will spread love and the Christmas spirit at the bar. We will keep you updated online.

Frank has found his home in Bonaire. He enjoys the tranquility and simplicity of it all - the friendly and social community, his work and his family. As the new father of a one year old and parent to three more children, Frank has fulfilled another of his dreams, having a big family. With an experienced partner in his business and a clear idea of what he wants for his guests, he will most likely make this a great success too.

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