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Double compliment for Construction Company

Press Release RCN

On Thursday afternoon, January 18th, The Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN), the Royal Military Constabulary (KMar) and the Labour Inspectorate carried out an audit on a large structure near the Airport. The audit was focused on the detection of illegal labour.

In total, approximately 35 construction workers were checked. There was no illegal worker found. The company had the papers and the administration was completely in order. This is worth a compliment. In addition, the vast majority of construction workers were local employees. The company believes it is important that local people be helped to get work. The company shows that it is indeed possible to carry out a major construction work with local construction workers. Also that is worth a compliment.

In the period ahead KPCN, KMar and the Labour Inspectorate will continue to carry out weekly joint actions to combat illegal labour. After all, in this way the local labour market is protected, labour exploitation combatted and unfair competition prevented.

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