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Dining Tip - Review & Rating

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

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Breeze’n Bites Saturday and Sunday Special Menu

Breeze’n Bites is situated at Del Laman Condominiums in Hato, close to the roundabout. Located oceanfront, it is one of the spots on the island closest to Klein Bonaire with a breathtaking sunset view. The cozy restaurant serves international cuisine using mostly fresh ingredients from the region. Every other weekend, on Saturday & Sunday, they offer a special menu consisting of three courses - an appetizer, a main course with a meat or fish choice and dessert. The delicious combinations are selected to serve you the freshest produce available.

Our Choice


We opted for a light dinner and ordered a salad with Serrano ham and honeydew melon as an appetizer. The classic combination of salty, savory ham with the refreshing and sweet melon remains perfect, especially in our climate.

We chose fish as our main course and were served a fresh, local, catch of the day with shrimp combined with a saffron sauce, rice and fresh veggies. Fresh, local, juicy fish is unbeatable. With its delicate taste, it paired well with the elegant saffron sauce. The selected veggies, with a crisp bite, were tasty.

Even though we skip dessert often, we were happy to have ordered the dessert as a special occasion. The anise marinated pineapple with coconut Ice cream was a surprising and delicious combination - the Caribbean on a plate.

The special menu differs in price, but is always approximately + $30 for a three course dinner.

(Every other week Breeze’n Bites serves Lobster depending on the season this can be local or USA Lobster. )


Overall Impression: 15 out of 20 XXXXX

Location: XXXX casual, ocean view

Service: XXX friendly service

Food: XXXX freshly prepared with love

Pricing: XXXX value for your money

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