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BonBons Bonaire

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Maybe you wonder why we placed pastry among arts and crafts, but when you see the beautiful and delicious pieces, you will wonder no more. Before owner Janos came to the island, he had worked in the most exclusive Michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands and learned his culinary skills, especially pastry, from the best in the field.

Pastry needs your attention with exact measurements and techniques in order to end up a winner, but the one-of-a-kind airbrush technique Janos uses requires a painter’s flow.

Due to a great demand in the retail market, Janos decided to open a shop in November, 2019. BonBons Bonaire has existed for several years and made its name through the hotels and restaurants who ordered their own unique and custom-made desserts, pralines or cake. With the opening of the shop, everyone can now enjoy a piece of art made with the best ingredients and special flavors.

Janos offers bonbons, cakes, pies, ice cream and much more. Go and have a look at his shop!

NOTE: Please remember, when you want to order a custom piece of sinful art, you need to order on time, especially during this holiday season!

TIP: in case you don’t know exactly what to buy or order, get a Gift Voucher. Everyone loves sweets and they will use the gift certificate!

Christmas Holidays Specials

Janos has created the prettiest eatable Christmas sweets

- Christmas tree made of 5-spice, merengue and milk chocolate

- Christmas ball made of passionfruit and dark chocolate

- Snowman made of dark chocolate

New Year’s Eve Special (PRE-ORDER ONLY)

A set of Champagne mousse, topped with a Dutch oliebol (fried dough specialty for New Year’s Eve)


Kaya J.C. van der Ree 2B

Tuesday- Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm

Phone: +599 701 0708

Facebook & Instagram : BonBons Bonaire

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