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Bonaire Golf

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Our own curiosity led the way to visit the golf course on Bonaire. Most of us have heard about it and most of us heard jokes about it but not many have ever been there. In recent month frequent golf photos made their way on the internet and we wanted to know more about it. Was there a new course? Is it a new business? What happened to the old one? And so on.

When you ask most people on the island they know about the mini golf course and a small golf club who play golf on a dusty course, somewhere in the Kunuku.

Golf Club Piedra So

The local golf club Piedra So was established in 2004 and had about 35 members. The golf course is located in the lagun area on the local egg farm, Punta Blanku’s terrain. With an agreement that all animals go first and to keep the landscape as natural as possible, the golf club was able to build an 18 holes links golf course in the beautiful but rugged landscape that borders the rough east coastline.


Florus Josten came with a last minute ticket to Bonaire about 6 years ago by accident. By arrival Florus and his wife fell in love with the island. A passionate PGA professional for about 20 years, he went looking for golf opportunities and stood facing a closed gate. When the couple came back 3 years ago Florus got in contact with the golf club and they were able to work out a collaboration on this special golf course that benefits both parties.

Florus loves the golf course. For him this is a course at its purest, playing the landscape, authentic golf. The breeze and the natural ruff beauty calms your mind. The nature, the unpolished beauty and of course the climate made Bonaire the next chapter in Florus life.

Florus finally moved to the island in March 2020 to face challenging times with the start of the covid 19 measures immediately. Thinking that his business would mostly service tourist he has been successful with residents.

Bonaire Golf

Bonaire Golf is the new golf school ran and owned by Florus and located at the Piedra So golf course. It offers lessons, clinics, equipment, shuttle services and of course custom arrangements are always possible.

As a passionate golfer for almost 30 years , Florus approaches the game in a special way to further his personal development since it challenges him not only physically but mentally as well as it improves his tactics and technics constantly, while forever learning. Bonaire Golf offers therefor a method called:

Iron Shirt of Golf

This teaching method clarifies his conviction that 100% golf consists of 50% mental and 50% physical capacity. It supports you in optimizing the balance between engaging and relaxing, giving space to sustainable development and improvement.


Florus has made arrangements for the local schools to get to know golf better and to grow a new enthusiastic generation of golfers here on the island.


His vision is to grow the golf enthusiasm on the island in a sustainable way. With the love for the authenticity of the island and the beauty that is not immediately obvious he wants to bring his guest closer and appreciate the golf game in this natural environment and what it can do for you.

You should definitely find your way to this unique golf course and check in with Florus for a clinic, the best way to get to know the game and see if it is something for you.

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Tel.: +599 785 3232

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