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Bonaire Ambassador – Photography

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In August 2019, Casper Douma, photographer, was officially recognized as ambassador of Bonaire by the Tourism Corporation of Bonaire (TCB).

You have probably seen his work from various venues, his food photography and his nature photography. In the last 2 years he has been part of the Culinary Team taking pictures and short clips of the teams’ journey through the competition so that all of the island can enthusiastically follow the team and be part of the experience.

Creating such an online presence is what is important to the island’s economy and was, therefore, also recognized by the TCB.

A new start

Casper Douma worked many years as a representative of Unilever and really wanted a change in his life. His wife, who fell in love with Bonaire during her vacation trips saw Bonaire as an option, but Casper didn’t really feel the connection. Casper loved the underwater, but prefers a deep lush jungle over cacti. Family circumstances delayed the move, but in 2014, Casper and his wife and son moved to the island, rented a house, signed their son up for school and started all over again.

While both were working, Casper started to again pick up his hobby, photography. A passion that started in 2009, and only one year later, he won a Dutch National championship in photography.

Self-made man

He took one course in photography and felt it didn’t really help him much because it was too technical. By watching YouTube tutorials and by trying over and over again, Casper perfected his craft. He is in high demand for various photo jobs. You will more than likely run into Casper at architecture, nature and food events.

Even though he really likes most of his jobs, his personal favorite to photograph is nature. His biggest dream would be to take photos for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and he might have his dreams realized very soon.

Bonaire is a good location with its many nature protected areas. He is figuring out the right time to take the perfect shot of nesting flamingoes, but Casper dreams beyond Bonaire to the borders of storm chasing and diving with whales for the perfect picture of this beautiful sea creature.

While working for several years as a manager at a dive operation, he will slow down his weekly work hours and focus even more on his photography.

When you follow Casper on his socials, you will start every day with a beautiful picture of Bonaire.

Casper Douma Workshops

This year you can still participate in his basic workshop in October.

In a half day workshop, you can easily learn the basics of your camera and tips on how to take a good picture on Bonaire. It will start at 8:30 am – 1 pm

In December, he will have another workshop teaching how to take pictures of the stars and the Milky Way.

Check for more updates on Casper’s socials listed at the end of this article.

Casper is happy about the way his son can grow up on Bonaire, half of the time in front of an electronic device, but also outdoors. He just certified as a scuba diver and is eager to learn windsurfing. Even though his son is only 10 years old, he knows he wants to become a marine biologist. Casper’s own vision for his future is to have Bonaire as his home base and travel to photography jobs all around the globe, maybe some of them with the WWF. He wants to make more time to scuba dive again and pick up windsurfing. A new area he will dive into is sport photography and shooting will start this fall.

Contact INFO

Do you want to book Casper Douma for your business, event or occasion? You can contact him via any of his socials and you will receive a swift response.

Instagram: casperdoumaphotography

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