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Global Entrepreneurship Week

(the secret to starting your own business)

13th of November till the 18th of November Bonaire 2017 Theme: The Different Faces of Entrepreneurship.

What is global entrepreneurship week (GEW)

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Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

During one week each November, GEW inspires each and every person, young and old, everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.

These activities, from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings, connect participants to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors—introducing them to new possibilities and exciting opportunities. Meanwhile, world leaders like former president Obama and other local elected officials have embraced the campaign.

GEW is more than just an awareness campaign. It is a platform for connection and collaboration—engaging all players along the entrepreneurship spectrum in strengthening ecosystems around the world.

Our main focus for Bonaire is to make all potential entrepreneurs aware of the fact that they can realize their dreams. All future entrepreneurs and problem solvers are welcome to attend and to participate.

Please don’t miss upcoming events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email:, Website: (under construction)

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