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In May, 2017, Intense Production made its big entrance on Bonaire with the Intense Festival 1st Edition. The festival, with its great acts and organization, was a success and will be followed up… but more about that later. Intense Production is a new event planner on the island, organizing events of all kinds, from a romantic, intimate, 2 person special experience to a grand festival for the whole island to enjoy.

Alain de Groot, owner of Intense Production, has worked in the hospitality industry all his life. Starting at age 14, emptying ashtrays in his nephew’s business on the weekends, he slowly worked his way up to where he really wanted to be, behind the bar: entertaining guests, trying to give them a great time. Working with an owner who had many different locations, he got into event organization and enjoyed seeing happy people who will remember those moments for a life time.

Even though he went through formal hospitality education and benefitted from it, he was always of the opinion that in real life, when you are under fire, things work differently and he was always eager to learn by doing.

When his nephew left to work on Aruba, Alain saw the potential for great benefit and fun and followed him soon after for new experiences, different surroundings and more things to learn. After his time on Aruba, he applied for a job with Princess Cruises. It was a process that took a year, and at the end, he and two others were selected out of 700 applicants.

During his vacation, Alain came to visit his friend on Bonaire and fell in love with the island with its simple beauty; small, private beaches; beautiful ocean and breeze. All perfect ingredients in which to relax after hard work.

In order to stay, it was necessary for him to find work. Of course, his choice was the hospitality industry. Quality in service and product are always his priority and he was able to find these in his work as a restaurant manager at Sebastian’s Restaurant.

Organizing Sebastian’s Club Nights and the opportunity to plan a big, 3 day burlesque-themed event on Curacao at the Madero Ocean Club made him again work towards his dream of bringing special events to the island.

Intense Production

With his huge network of contacts and ability to bring great acts to the island, Alain took the step and set up his own business, Intense Production, in January, 2017.

Besides his international network, he also made sure to have the various permits needed to offer a variety of possibilities for whatever you want your event to be. Of course, with the variety of cultures on the island, it is important to know and understand traditions, food, drinks, music and set-ups. Alain made sure to have the right know-how around him, suitable for any event.

Alain wants to make sure that anyone who dreams of something special, from a 2 person romantic marriage proposal, a business event or an anniversary to a major festival with great acts, can come to him for advice and he will do his utmost best to work with every available budget to make that dream come true.

All his years of experience in event planning make him the best adviser for your special event and for sure he will add some of his great ideas as a finishing touch.

Intense Festival 2nd Edition

After a fun and great Intense Festival 1st Edition, we are eager to know - When can we enjoy the next festival and what is it gonna be? Of course, Alain is not giving away everything, but we already know that the 2nd Edition Intense Festival is in the works and it will include, among others, some reggae music. He will again make sure that the special night will be affordable to most, because what makes him the happiest is to see people enjoy what he has created.

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