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The Labour Inspection provides instructions

The Labour Inspection provides instructions at the construction site of the San Luis Beltran School in Rincon

At the request of the Central Government Real Estate Agency, the Labour Inspection has provided instructions to construction workers of the construction company APA Constructions.

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The construction workers are working on the renovation and new construction of the San Luis Beltran School. The instructions were related to occupational safety and health in the construction industry. Inspector Darrel Frans used a PowerPoint presentation to show them what they should pay attention to. Of course wearing a helmet and safety shoes was discussed. However, it is at least as important that to take the proper safety measures and call each other to account when it comes to occupational safety and health. The inspector noticed that everyone at the construction site was already wearing a helmet and safety shoes. That deserved a compliment.

In view of the enthusiastic reactions from the construction workers, the Labour Inspection will make the presentation which was used digitally available in four languages. The presentation can be downloaded from the RCN website. The Labour Inspection can be reached directly via Companies can themselves instruct employees in the construction sector about occupational safety and health by means of the presentation.

Additionally, the Labour Inspection reports that all 500 advisory booklets which were printed in 2015 have been distributed. The good news is that the Labour Inspection has ordered a reprint of another 500 copies in four languages. These advisory booklets on occupational safety and health are available via free of charge.

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