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Tourism Corporation Bonaire recognized the young artists Jeon and Semariel as Bonaire ambassadors. This due to their amazing performances during the Taste of Bonaire.

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Jeon’s name is Jonathan Thiel is known on Bonaire, since he used to visit Bonaire when he was little and participated in the Tumba Festival. This is how his career started, where he received the award as first runner up. After this Jeon (Biggy Boy) which is his artist name continued to develop and is now a famous artist who is loved by everyone.

Semariel Marten born on Curacao and lived on Bonaire for a while and is now studying in Curacao. She has been super talented since she was younger, she loves to dance and now also sing. Semi was part of the dance group Kayena here on Bonaire and then moved to Curacao where she was part of different dance groups.

Currently she is reaping success with her musc video and with performance on international level.

Mr. Maurice Adriaens accompanied Malinda Hassell and Angelo Domacasse handed over a certificate and also a gold medal and thanked the two of them. Wishing them all the best of luck for their future.

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