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Help Search for Lora’s

Echo enlists the help of the community in the search for resting places of Lora's and the Annual Lora counting.

Date : Saturday 28th of January 2017

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Do you have Lora’s sleeping in your backyard?

Do you know places where Lora’s come together in the evening for the night?

Please let Echo know. With the data the annual Lora counting can be improved.

Saturday, 28 January Lora Counting

Wednesday, 25th of January, 2017 Information and Training Evening

Every year the department of Environment and Nature of the Public Body Bonaire (OLB) , Echo and STINAPA work together to organize the counting of the yellow shoulder amazon parrot(Lora) on the island

This is a challenge which attracts volunteers whom observe parrots fly away before dawn. Conducting the count in this manner yields a minimum estimate of the Lora population on the island. Because it is done this way every year since 2005, we know that the amount of parrots increases.

Can you help at the Annual Lora Counting or do you know Lora resting places?

Please contact:

Lauren Schmaltz, General Manager at Echo

Phone: +599 701 11 88

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