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Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire & Mediabus

Sea Turtle Presentation&Workshops

Language: Papiamentu Location: Sentro di Bario (check dates to find out when the Mediabus will be in your neighborhood)

Time: 1.30 pm daily

In the week of December 12, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, in cooperation with Stichting Lezen and Schrijven and the Mediabus, will organize a series of fun, free presentations for school children about the endangered sea turtles of Bonaire.

The aim of the presentations, which will be in Papiamentu by STCB’s Field Specialist Funchi, is to educate children about Bonaire’s endangered sea turtles and their habitats. Topics will include name that turtle, what turtles do when we’re not watching, why they may become extinct like the dinosaurs and what we can do to help.

After the presentation, and after answering any questions, there will be a fun creative workshop, custom painting their own wooden turtle to take home - donated by dedicated STCB volunteer Hans Koning using paint and brushes kindly provided by Addo’s Bookstore.

The presentations will be given in cooperation with the Mediabus and will take place at the following locations:

Ø Monday, December 12th – Sentro di Bario Rincon

Ø Tuesday, December 13th – Sentro di Bario Antriol

Ø Wednesday, December 14th – Sentro di Bario Noord Saliña

Ø Friday, December 16th – Sentro di Bario Nikiboko

All presentations will start at 13:30.

STCB and the Mediabus hope to see your child(ren) there!

If you have any questions, please contact Kaj Schut

Phone: 717 2225


Mariana Cicilia

Phone: +599 777 2015

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