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WEB Bonaire is pleased to announce a reduction of the electricity tariff per October 1, 2016. The tariff will be reduced with 0.02 USD per kWh. The new rate will be USD 0.309 per kWh and will be applied on the invoices starting book month October 2016.

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Second reduction this year

Earlier this year a reduction of 0.02 USD came into effect per April 1, 2016. This is the second tariff reduction in a year’s time. Since the introduction of the new tariff system WEB was able to achieve a tariff reduction of more than 20% as a result of more efficient operation.

Pagabon credit vouchers

Last August Pagabon users received a letter with a credit voucher to compensate the rate difference. This credit voucher can be used to pay for Pagabon purchases only at the main office of WEB in Kralendijk. Please note that this credit voucher will be valid until 30th of October 2016.

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