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Social Affairs and Labour establishes there is obscurity regarding labour laws

As an employee it is possible you may not know your rights and obligations. The same applies for the employer. The Social Affairs and Employment Unit establishes that there is obscurity regarding the BES Labour Law code 2000. It is important that both employers and employees expands their basic knowledge regarding the labour Law.

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Under the BES Labour Law code 2000 falls agreements that the employee and employer can make with each other. The agreements are usually set out in a contract of employment. In the labour agreement there are agreements on working days and times, your function, salary, days off and so forth. If there is no agreement about certain matters, then the legal rules of the BES Labour Law code 2000 will apply. The attached document is a guideline for this.

It is also important to mention that all employers are required to pay employees at least the minimum wage which is indexed each year. An overview of this is also attached.

The Labour Affairs Department of Social Affairs and Employment can be of service in two matters.

1. Fulfilling the role as an mediator between employers and employees.

2. Handling dismissal requests.

In its role of as mediator Labour Affairs is a completely neutral party, that acts and decides on behalf of the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment. Employees who feel that they were treated unfairly may appeal their case. This also applies for employers. In all cases both sides will be heard.

XpBonaire, Bonaire, News, Information, RCN, Labor Affairs

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