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Asbestos clean-up Kolegio Rayo di Solo

The clean-up of the asbestos-containing material on the premises of Kolegio Rayo di Solo has begun. This clean-up is part of the current renovation of the entire complex that started in July 2016. The renovation is commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and the OLB (Public Entity Bonaire) within the framework of the Programme Education Housing Caribbean Netherlands.

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The clean-up means that the asbestos-containing roofing sheets are loosened, well packed in two layers of plastic and disposed of in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

There is no danger for the environment, because the type of asbestos in the roof sheets is processed, the less dangerous, the so-called "compacted" is firmly in the material, of which the asbestos fibres are stuck and will not come off with the refurbishment. So for the local residents there are no risks from fiber emission. Nevertheless, the grounds will be closed to public access using ribbons, fence warnings and signs.

The clean-up will take place as planned in the month of August 2016. This work is carried out under the watchful eye of the expert Asbestos supervisor, the Labour Inspectorate RCN-SZW, the project supervisor and the waste expert of RCN/Education, Culture and Science.

After the asbestos clean-up the further demolition and the construction and renovation of the buildings on the site will follow.

XpBonaire, Bonaire, News , Information, RCN, Kolegio Rayo Di Solo

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