Centre of Youth and Family and Guardianship Board BES conclude a new cooperation agreement

Centre for Youth and Families Bonaire, on the Centre for Youth and Families on the Winward Islands, and the Guardianship board BES signed a new cooperation agreement on 25th of July 2016.

Due to a growing chain, there is a need for uniform work method and a good cooperation with the Public Entity is very important. Also the input from the inspection on Youth Care requires defined clarity and established agreements. Berry Duckers, director of JGCN/CYF, Ingrid Sealy, content manager of JGCN/CYF and Curvin George, director of the Guardianship Board BES have again came to an agreement so that there is a strong foundation for collaboration. The coordinators of both organizations: Paul Veira, Milanou Koeks, Felicia Schmidt and Tamara Martie has been closely involved in this process. They will ensure implementation on the islands of Caribbean Netherlands.

Both Youth Care CN/CFY as Guardianship BES are going through important internal changes with the aim to improving the quality of work and working conditions of the employees. The efforts to establish a well-tuned cooperation aims to improve service and assistance to children, parents and the network on the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands.

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